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What is Pelviva

Life-changing technological breakthrough for weak Pelvic Floor muscles that cause bladder leaks

Each Pelviva is made of a soft comfortable foam shell which contains a small electro-stimulation unit that delivers pulsed deep-muscle stimulation directly to your Pelvic Floor. The Pelviva pulse mimics the way your body works naturally, stimulating your Pelvic Floor muscles to perform perfect pelvic floor contractions.

Pelviva delivers a 30 minute treatment programme which contains specially designed pulses to target the different types of muscle fibres within your Pelvic Floor.

We recommend that Pelviva is used once every other day for 12 weeks  
(except when menstruating) 

Dynamic CRC
Body responsive foam

Pelviva is made from a specially developed foam which can be easily compressed to position inside the vagina. We tried lots of different shapes and sizes in our efforts to design the perfect Pelviva that’s not only body compatible, lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear, but has the right contact with the muscles to give the best Pelvic Floor workout.
The Pelviva Dynamic CRC (coated reversibly compressible) foam can mould to fit because we do not all come in exactly the same shape or size and has a biocompatible coating to make it easier to position correctly

Reactive pulse technology

Each Pelviva has its own feedback mechanism that can check each time you use one that it is making a good connection; it adjusts the stimulation  level  as you move and adapts to the correct level across a range of different women no matter what shape or size they are.
The unique Pelviva pattern of stimulation is capable of exercising both power and endurance muscles with each pulse.
The power fibres need to have speed and strength so that they can stop leakage when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise. The endurance fibres need to work to help you hold on when you urgently need the toilet and to stop you needing the toilet too frequently.
This pattern also contains a specially designed double pulse that can allow the stimulation programme 25% deeper into the pelvic floor muscles than programmes that do not contain this ‘doublet’ pulse.
This also helps you make the neuromuscular connection between the brain and the pelvic floor muscles. making it easier to do your own Pelvic Floor exercises.

How Pelviva Works

Pelviva has been developed to be very easy to use
with just a pull tab to get it started.
Made of soft foam each Pelviva contains a micro-processor that delivers the unique Pelviva reactive pulse technology to the Pelvic Floor muscles.

Clinical Evidence

Pelviva has been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy in a Clinical trial run by the Wellcome Trust Research Centre in Manchester. 123 women were selected to take part in the trial, with half of them using Pelviva and the other half following a pelvic floor exercise programme on their own. After 12 weeks of regularly using Pelviva, 84% of women reported that they had improvements in their bladder control and that there was a fourfold improvement in the impact bladder leaks were having on their quality of life. They also reported an almost 70% improvement in the frequency they experienced leakage which equates to a change from leaking every day to less than x1 per week. Women also reported that Pelviva was easy and comfortable to use and that they also found it easy to fit it into their everyday activities such as walking the dog, getting tea ready or getting ready for work.
Femeda Ltd. who are the manufacturers of Pelviva are a registered medical device company and Pelviva has a European standard (CE) mark which means that it has met their criteria for safety and efficacy and can be sold in Europe.

Clinically proven to reduce bladder leaks in 84% of women.


“ After 1 month I managed to get round the entire golf course without needing my usual loo stop. My pad lasts me all day now, whereas before I had to change it at lunchtime.” 
“I am feeling a lot more in control…I am feeling a lot less anxious now about the whole toilet issue. I have an extra bit of time when I need the loo… everything is a bit stronger now.”

“I am now not having any ‘accidents’ at all during normal activities even when I have waited a long time before going to the toilet.”