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Pelviva  Technology

The Pelviva development team have brought together a range of innovative technology to make Pelviva clinically effective whilst also keeping to their brief of making it easy to use

Dynamic CRC
Body Responsive Foam

The foam is made from materials that are lightweight and can compress so it’s easy to insert and the foam reforms once in position making a comfortable fit and holding the flexible pulse pads in good contact with the body for effective treatment

Biocompatible Coating
Flexible Pulse Pads

The bio-compatible lubricious coating makes Pelviva easy to insert and comfortable to wear. The flexible pulse pads allow your body to move whilst having your Pelviva treatment

Reactive Pulse Technology

The reactive pulse technology uses a biofeedback system which allows Pelviva to set a clinically effective stimulation level that is monitored on every pulse and adjusts to an individual woman’s’ size, shape and movement

Microprocessor Control

The microprocessor monitors the treatment level and battery output to ensure effective treatment throughout the 30-minute cycle and then runs a discharge cycle for environmentally friendly battery disposal