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Introducing Pelviva®

A disposable, clinically effective, discreet and easy-to-use Pelvic Floor muscle re-trainer for the treatment of bladder leakage in women.

Great news for all women: Pelviva is launching in 2018

1 in 3 women experience bladder leaks1

If you have experienced bladder leakage, either after a sudden urge to go, or from exercising, laughing, coughing or sneezing,

you're not alone

bladder leaks can affect anyone of any age.

How Pelviva® works

What is Pelviva®?

An innovative, easy-to-use Pelvic Floor muscle re-trainer, providing clinically effective and discreet treatment for bladder leakage.

The disposable, single use device is made from soft compressible foam and contains flexible pulse pads that deliver a unique stimulation programme to your Pelvic Floor muscles3.

Treatment is recommended every other day for 12 weeks.

Pelviva is launching very soon

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Convenient & discreet

Fits into your busy life

Easy to use

"Pelviva was extremely easy to use with very clear instructions included."

- Lisa-Marie, 30

"I found it very discreet, easy to use and actually makes a difference to your Pelvic Floor control"

- Carolyn, 48

Why Pelviva®?

50% of women aren't able to correctly exercise their Pelvic Floor muscles. Pelviva performs your Pelvic Floor exercises for you, so there's no need to worry about whether you are doing them properly.

Pelviva helps strengthen both types of Pelvic Floor muscles:

Whatever causes your bladder leakage, Pelviva can help you by strengthening both your power and endurance Pelvic Floor muscles.

Let Pelviva help you take back control of your bladder.

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"I would highly recommend Pelviva - it has certainly helped me!"

- Lisa-Marie, 30

Pelviva brings together a range of innovative technologies

Body Responsive Foam

The foam is soft, lightweight, and can be easily compressed to position inside the vagina. It is designed to maximise comfort and product performance. No matter what shape or size you are, once in position the Pelviva foam reforms and moulds to comfortably fit your individual shape; holding the flexible pulse pads in contact with your body's pelvic floor for effective treatment.5

Reactive Pulse Technology - RPTTM

RPT monitors every pulse delivered to your Pelvic Floor muscles and allows Pelviva to adapt to changes:

  • in your body position during use, allowing you to remain active while using Pelviva
  • in muscle physiology and individual differences in female intimate anatomies.5

Soft & Comfortable Fit

The soft compressible bio-compatible foam makes Pelviva easy to insert and comfortable to wear. The flexible pulse pads allow your body to move whilst having your Pelviva treatment.

Microprocessor Technology

Each Pelviva contains a microprocessor that monitors the treatment level and delivers an innovative electrical stimulation to re-train and strengthen all your pelvic floor muscles.2,8

30 Minute Treatment

Each Pelviva is programmed to run a 30 minute re-training treatment for your Pelvic Floor muscles. The pulses it delivers are designed to target both types of your Pelvic Floor muscles. When the treatment has finished, Pelviva is simply disposable by pulling gently on the cord and can be disposed of in regular household waste.

25% Deeper Penetration

Pelviva is programmed to deliver a unique pattern of pulses to your Pelvic Floor muscles, which means it can penetrate up to 25% deeper into your Pelvic Floor muscles than stimulation devices that do not contain this pattern. This deeper penetration also helps you make the neuromuscular connection between the brain and the Pelvic Floor muscles, making it easier to do your own Pelvic Floor exercises without the Pelviva device.

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Clinical Evidence

Pelviva has been tested for safety and efficacy.

After 12 weeks of regularly using Pelviva women reported a 4 times greater improvement in quality of life and 84% of these women improved their bladder control.8

You don't have to live with bladder leaks. Regain control of your Pelvic Floor muscles with Pelviva. To find out more, sign up now.

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